Affirmation Ballet Company and Performing Arts Centre - Restoring the Arts for the Lord

We are a faith based pre professional Ballet Company and Performing Arts
organization comprised of classically trained dancers dedicated to reclaiming and restoring the arts for the Lord. Boldly and with passion bringing a testimony of praise and worship through dance, music and drama wherever He calls us to put our feet. 
We are committed to the faithful witness, integrity and artistic excellence of Affirmation Performing Arts and its school through Christ Jesus. We are honored to be part of this call and commission to expand God's Kingdom through His art.
We are one body unified in Christ Jesus to bring the gospel to as wide an audience as possible through this medium.
The company is available for mission trips, worship services, retreats, workshops and camps, seminars, weddings and other special events, nursing homes and theatrical concerts.
Affirmation Ballet and Performing Arts Company is an interdenominational non profit ministry called to the community. The company and its school are not financially supported by any one church we are representation of the Church.
Thank you for visiting our site. Please contact us for further information or with any questions you may have.
727.412.3897 or email;
It is our hearts desire to seek and be faithful to God's call in our lives and serve Him with heart, mind and soul, to bring glory to Him in ALL that we do.  
1 Corinthians 10:31

How beautiful are the feet that bring the good news. Romans 10:15