Affirmation Ballet Company and Performing Arts Centre - Restoring the Arts for the Lord

Affirmation Ballet and Performing Arts Company, Inc.About Us   

To pursue Godly excellence in the arts. 
To assist is restoring dance and performing arts as an eloquent expression of worship for the Church.
To present the gospel to audiences of all walks through visual expression and theatrical experience.
To provide a witness to the community, most especially those in the arts.
To teach and disciple dancers and other artists to be salt and light the world.
To offer encouragement and hope to other believing artists to use their gifts for the Kingdom.
WE believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Lordship of Jesus Christ; his birth, life and death as told in the whole of Scripture, the Body of Christ, his Church, the existence of God's call and purpose in the individual life of the believer, the necessity of that call to be lived out in community, the truth that the Christ-centered life is shaped by servanthood, humility and radical obedience. (adopted form "Scribbling in the Sand" by Michael Card, InterVarsity Press).
Our History
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8200 - 66th Street North, Suite 1
Pinellas Park, FL 33781